To assist the enterprise to achieve Larger scale, More profit, Stronger competition is the object of CKZ's value-added investment.

The greatest interest and value of CKZ is help growth enterprises develop healthy and rapidly into leaders in their industries, and thus realize win-win between enterprises and us. We astablish close partnership with enterprises, and provide value-added service by unique penetrative management. Professionlization, experience and foresight are our power to success.

The value of CKZ also lies in long-established national multi-industry business network, open government channels, good relations with universities and R&D instituions, and steady cooperation with outstanding intermediary organs, which are used to build a venture development platform for incubating enterprises in order to help our invested enterprises obtain wide busuness support and other various aids and profits.

The powerful strength of CKZ's shareholders help CKZ and its invested enterprises to develop successfully. The domestic and overseas huge enterprise network and business resources of the one-century enterprise China Merchants Group, China National Scientific Instruments and Materials Import/Export Corporation, and China New Era Group, are backings of CKZ and its invested enterprises.

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