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Jiangmen J.J.J Battery Co., Ltd.

Industry: Energy Techonlogy

Investee: "Foaming Nickel-Cadmium Battery", the result of Scientific Research on New
Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology.

Investment Initiator: China KZ high Technology Co., Ltd, Technological Innovation Corp. Of
China, Guangdong Jiangmen Battery and Harbin Institute of Technology

Current Conditions of the Enterprise: It grows from the earliest factory of foaming nickel-cadmium batteries in China into one of Chinese largest manufactures specialized in small rechargeable nickel-cadmium, nickel-hydrogen and lithium-ion batteries and related products, with daily production of 300,000 and total assets of over RMB 200 milion yuan. The enterprise with strong R&D strength has established several R&D institutions such as National-level Postdoctor Work Station, Guangdong Research & Development Center and Graduate Scientific Research Work Station of Harbin Institute of Technology, and now it becomes a key high-tech enterprise in China Torch Program. The enterprise is trying expand the peoduction of the lithium-ion polymer battery independently researched and developed to put them on the market.

web site: www.jjjbattery.com

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