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Beijing Tri-prime Genetic Engineering Co., Ltd.
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Hangzhou Zheda Hyflux Hualu Membrane Tec. Co., Ltd.
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Hangzhou Zheda Hyflux Hualu Membrane Tec. Co., Ltd.

Industry: Technology on Environmental Protection and Materials

Investee: A small school-run enterprise of Zhejiang University, which owned research strength and products on membrane separation.

Investment Initiator: China KZ high Technology Co., Ltd, the Membrane Separation Engineering United Company of Zhejiang University

Follow-up Investment: Huflux Ltd., the Listed Company in Singapore, accomplished the new-round investment in 2001.

Current Conditions of the Enterprise: It is the domestic leading manufacture and service provider of hollow fiber membrane materials, apparatus and whole-set equipment of membrane separation, distribtion and service on environmental protective membrane materials, apparatus and whole-set equipment for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastes and water reclaiming. Relied on the Macromolecule Seience and Material Research Institute of Zhejiang University, the scientific research team of this company, the members of which win academician titles of Chinese Academy of Engineering, carries out the basic research of membrane science. By far, this company has won 16 authorized and published patents. Owning the standard factories of nearly 10,000 square meters, advanced membrane-making technology and production equipment of membrane apparatus, the company set its development objective as to become the international leading manufacturer and service provider of membrane separation environmental protection apparatus and equipment to guide the development of Chinese membrane industry.


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