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Hefei Anke Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Hefei Anke Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Industry: Fine Chemicals

Investee: A small fine chemicals enterprise with "new technology of leather finishing agents" of Anhui University

Investment Initiator: China KZ high Technology Co., Ltd. and Anhui University

Current Conditions of the Enterprise: It is the largest enterprise in China producing aqueous polyurethane leather finishing agents. This enterprise now is a Managing Director Unit of the Executive Council of Chinese Leather Industry Society, and the main unit drafting out the Light Industry Standard of the People's Republic of China-aqueous polyurethane leather finshing agents. This enterprise has successively developed seven series and over forty of protective environmental finishing agent products, such as polyurethane finishing agents of back covering type, middle-level covering type, top-bringht type, crosslinked tyoe, fill type, yellowing-proof type, fragment type, cationic type, cationic type, and composite modified type. In 2001, this enterprise merged the Hentai Chemicals Co., Ltd . to enpand production scale. At present the usage of its products has entered such industries as textile, paint coat of wooden ware etc.

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