Localization Consciousness

Nobody has made more efforts than CKZ to highly praise and uphold the localization.Based on deep understanding of China's situation and years of investment experience,CKZ has strictly taken China's actual conditions and China model into full and thorough consideration during the designing and implementaion of all and thorough consideration during the designing and implementation of all processes, such as investment, management, personnel,service, withdrawal, etc. We believe this is only way to success for venture capital under current specific market, economic and social conditions in China.

Steady Investment

Our investments are made in high-growth technological and industrial enterprises with Chinese market characteristics, which usually possess aptitude and potentiality to rapidly take the lead in the industry. Generally speaking, we will not restrict ourselves to a certain or several specific fields, but determine the priority of invesment according to Chinese market. We carefully handle the diversity of our investment in region, industry and stage, so as to adapt ourselves to the variety of Chinese market and ensure the decentralization of risks.

Penetrative Management

To participate in management in more profound and fair way is CKZ's feature. The rich experences in technology, market and other fields owned by our management team are the guarantee to win the respect of invested enterprises and thus to conduct penetrative management. We put emphasis on value-added service of fostering core competition for enterprises, which may also be realized through our extensive business resources.

Pluralistic Returns

CKZ focuses on enterprises' capability of profit-making and sustainable development, which becomes both the standard to select the investment projects and the object our value-added services. In such an environment where withdrawal defect exists in China's venture capital, making great efforts to achoeve the multi-pluralism of returns and obtain maximum in vestment profits for shareholders becime the greatest challenge to the experience and abilities of investment managers.


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