Message from Chairman of the Board of Directors

Having made considerable contributions to the steady and rapid develoment of China's economy,the technology industry very promising prospects in the future. The venture capital will definitely make remarkable progress while supporting the advancement of the technology industry.

Convinced by this faith, China KZ high Technology Co., Ltd. stared exploration in the fields of technology and venture capital as 1980s. Though we have experienced hardships and difficuties, I am gratified to see, through the growth and expansion of many enterprises we invested, that years of efforts have brought great success.

CKZ makes its team the biggest asset. After cultivating for dozens of years, the managers of the first venture capital company in China have gained rich and precious experiences. More important, the managers of CKZ, based on the thorough understanding of the particularities of technilongy industry and venture capital in China, come to from the investment concepts and styles adapted to Chinese market.

I firmly believe that venture capital business will face a better development conditions in fully-flourished Chinese economy. We expect to strengthen the cooperation with other investment institutions both at home and abroad to promote the prosperity of technology industry and venture capital in China!

!! Gu Liji


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