China KZ High Technology Co., Ltd.("CKZ") is not only one of the earliest venture capital organizations in China but also the first Sino-foreign joint venture VC company. For a long time, CKZ has established a unique investment style with steady investment, penetrative management and puralistic returns in China's venture capital industry.

Established in 1989, CKZ was jointly founded by China Merchants Group, the State Science and Technology Commission (Currently Ministry of Science and Technology) and the Commission of Sience Technology and Industry for National Defence. The initial investment from CKZ was concentrated on industriaization projects of National Hi-tech Program. Through years of development, targeting numerous medium and small scaled technological enterprises with high potentialities.

Up to now, CKZ has invested in over 40 enterprises around China, including information technology, biotechnology, pharmacy, new energy and other technologies and industries. By virtue of its investment theory with Chinese characteristics, CKZ has made success in many investment cases.

CKZ's most valuable point for invested enterprises is that it knows how to cultivate a growth enterprise as NO.1 in its industry. Larger, More, and Stronger is CKZ's basic target of value-added investment. Its practical investment visual, experienced localized management and country-wide extensive market resources enable it to provide multi-directional value-added services for the invested enterprises.


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